Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sept 25, 2012

Sister Tok and I figured neither of us would be transferred this transfer- we just barely got out here, and besides, neither of us want to leave! Bowling Green is awesome! So we thought we had it all figured out. Then, Sister Tok decides to have a dream about being transferred to a triple-up with a Sister Gell and Sister Weaker (random names neither of us have ever heard of) going to Gyrone (a place that is non-existent). It was funny at first, but then we started to psych ourselves out. Maybe she was being prepared to leave! Then the other Bowling Green sisters started to think about it, and decided Sister Carlson has been here 3 transfers- there is a chance she could leave. Since then we have been trying to hold back our anxiousness as transfer info approached. We would discuss it in hurried tones before praying before we went in to an appointment, and we could tell it was on our minds as we drove silently in the car. By the time 10pm rolled around last night, we were FREAKING. OUT. I was sure we were being split up and we were having a anxious breakdown when the news came that... all the Bowling Green sisters are staying put! Whew! What we had expected all along :) How am I going to live normal life without the hype of transfers!?! 

We are SO happy we are staying together, not just because we have really enjoyed this last transfer, but because we have an investigator (who we LOVE) who decided she is too busy to have lessons each week, and asked us not to pass along her name after we get transferred out :( We were crushed! She has the most real intent I have ever seen in someone investigating the church. Her questions are so good- I am always learning when we have lessons because she is inspired as well. She is so kind- every time we go over to her place she has some sort of refreshment for us and she is very real and honest. I absolutely love it! She has been one of my favorite people to teach ever on my mission. So we are happy we have at least 6 weeks to continue to teach her. She came to church on Sunday, and even though it was so painful sitting through sacrament with her (the kids were hitting her chair and screaming all around us) she went around and talked to half the ward to say hi. I LOVE HER!!!! I can't say it enough!

Yesterday we went into one home of a recent convert, right after a visit with one of our investigators. It was so sad to see the stark contrast. The recent convert home was very busy and somewhat stressful, but there was so much hope and love in that home. The other there was so much chaos, frustration and apathy. It was almost tangible how different the two situations were, and Sister Tok and I almost got teary-eyed because it was so depressing how some people live. The recent convert bore her testimony of how real Jesus Christ is because He was able to pull her out of an impossible hole she had dug herself into. It is amazing to know what can happen when we turn to Him, and how sad it can be when we turn our backs :(

We have a baptism coming up on Friday! This kid is nine years old, and he could teach the Sunday school class! He is so smart! And stinkin' cute :) He is so ready for this. He is excited to invite all his friends, teachers, people on the street, ANYONE! It is fun to see his innocence and pure desire. We really do have so much to learn from kids. 

Oh, I almost forgot! On Thursday we woke up at 3:45am and headed for Cleveland to see Elder Perkins! He requested a personal interview with me, and I was a little shocked. There were only 12 missionaries out of the mission who he chose. How did he get my name?! But it turned out that the interview was more of a survey and he was just looking for information that could help the mission. Then he asked me if I had any questions for him. Well, I wasn't going to pass that opportunity up! I asked him when he knew that he was converted. He asked me if I had heard that talk Elder Bednar gave about revelation- how sometimes it is like turning on a light switch, and other times it is like the rising sun. I said I had heard it, and he said his was more like a rising sun and he couldn't pin point a certain time that he 'just knew.' Then he shared an experience where he knew Heavenly Father prepared him and he knew His will for him. It was so basic! I don't know what I was expecting. I guess a big experience? But it was really comforting to see how this life is the same for everyone. The big experiences are much less common, and probably shared less, than we would expect. What really helps us to grow in faith and testimony is those small, personal instances. It was a neat learning experience for me.

I learned a lot from Elder Perkins. What stands out the most right now is having 'revelatory experiences.' He said that 'meetings' is a really bad name, because we think we are going there to 'meet.' The real purposes of meetings is to gain answers so that we can change and act. He said we should always come to meetings with questions we have. He had us write down a couple questions. Then at the end, he asked if our questions had been answered. Mine had DEFINITELY been answered! But you know what is neat? Even the questions I didn't write down because I thought they were less important at the time, were also answered! Just the process of thinking what questions I had helped me to gain revelation for those I am teaching, and even my personal life. It was really neat! I am writing questions for every meeting from now on!

We had a movie night on Friday. We watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. That is such a powerful movie! I love it. And it was a great success! We had seven people there who had never seen it before, and they were very impressed with Joseph and his life. He is an incredible man! Have you seen the John Tanner movie? Or the Stonecutter? Those are amazing too.

Love you all! You are all in my prayers

Sister Mahrt

Here are the pictures from this last week. This is my district, and Sister Tok with Elder Harris. He is leaving our district :( It is a running joke that together we make Mahrt 'n Harris (his ancestor was Martin Harris) But he is going to marry Sister Tok (she is his 8 cow wife), so I am out of the picture :)

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