Monday, September 24, 2012

The first picture is at transfers when Sister Tok and I first became companions. This picture was before the 3 hour drive- we looked a little more... weathered after the trip.
The picture with me on the floor was our first full day, and we spent SIXTEEN HOURS figuring out our map and trying to draw the new boundary lines. It was killer. Zoom in on my eyes- they are different sizes because I can barely keep them open!
Me demonstrating the 'missionary claw.' As I have observed missionaries, the ones that really get into what they are teaching have a missionary voice, missionary eyebrows (they are super expressive!) and a missionary claw. I am pretty good at pulling out the claw when I get intense or can't describe something. Sister Tok is trying to help me keep it under control, but it has a mind of its own!
The next one is when I was tricked into giving part of the JJ Farm tour. My favorite part of this picture is Elder Simmons look from across the room. If looks could kill!
The one with me at the table I just thought my face looked goofy.

The last picture is with the Smiths, who left after Zoned out! I can't believe they are gone! Dad, you remember the Blacks who took you on tour in Kirtland? They are gone too! Almost all of the senior couples are leaving either this month or next month. I wonder how next busy season is going to work...?

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