Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sept 4, 2012
No Faux!

A bird had the audacity to poop on my shoe. I couldn't believe it! I was teaching Cleto about church, and while he was off on a tangent about how a guardian angel protected his hand from a rock, the bird let 'er fly! Cleto's lessons are by far the most wild- you never know what is going to happen!

This morning we went swimming for exercise a.k.a. we went running and it was so humid that we had to paddle through the air. Humidity is so cool! I really like it! Plus it saves me money on lotion. 

The Zone leaders have assigned us sisters in the district to do a musical number. A Child's Prayer. Please pray for our audience.

This week we broke both of our records for tracting on our mission. So cool! I have really come to enjoy finding. I like meeting so many different people and hearing their opinions and their experiences with relying on Christ. There are amazingly faithful people in this world!

My favorite lessons are those that are with people who know religion and have an open mind. It is neat having religious discussions with others. It has become one of my favorite parts of being on a mission. The Bible is incredible!

We have had the opportunity to fast quite a bit because our ward is doing a 40 day fast. When a family doesn't sign up, the missionaries fast. I have been blessed with some neat inspiration while I thought about the people we are teaching when I would fast. It is so neat to see how much Heavenly Father cares about every single child he has. How does He do it?! It has been fun lately to feel like I can be myself, but also be a missionary. At the beginning I felt like I was learning something new every hour and I was doing things I had never done before and it felt a little strange. Now it is just part of life. While I still have a bunch I can work on to become better, it is nice to feel like I have a grip on my life again. 

I have been studying the apostasy a lot recently. I never thought a whole lot about the great apostasy after Christ died, I just accepted it when I learned it. But since I have had to describe what exactly it is, and why it happened to others, it is amazing how much the scriptures and Christ divulged about what would happen in the median of time. It may seem a bit confusing if you look only verse by verse (actually REALLY confusing) but when you look at all of the information we have from the Old and New Testament, the Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenants, it makes so much sense! I have gained a testimony of looking at the big picture. If you are stuck looking at the small minute details, any subject can be difficult to understand. We have some people who are very stuck on a single detail, and that is keeping them from progressing. Especially when it comes to archelogical eveidence that the Book of Mormon is true, since there are no horse skeletons in the USA and the Book of Mormon says there are horses. Really? Wouldn't it be sad to be kept from the truth because of a horse? 

Life is great. I am loving Bowling Green and working with the missionaries out here. Keep smiling! 

Love you all!

Sister Kimber Mahrt

P.S. My subject is no faux because I cut my hair! No more faux bangs, just real ones. I would send a picture, but I haven't taken one and I look a worked right now. But one day I will send one :) My hair goes crazy when it is short and in humidity! You should have seen what it looked like when I woke up this morning... 

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