Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sept 5, 2012
I heard the news.
President Vellinga called me last night with the news about Grandma Hanks suddenly passing away. I was really shocked. How are you doing Mom? 

When President told me last night, I was kind of numb. Sister Tok offered to go get ice cream or go for a run, so we went running. It was hard to get to sleep last night, and this morning was a bit of a mess, but I have been very blessed to have Sister Tok here. She has been an angel. Mostly I keep thinking about you. How are you doing Mom? Are you alright? All I want to do is hug and hug and hug you!!! And since I am unable to do that, President Vellinga's offer to email seemed like the next best option. 

I feel so blessed to be on a mission right now to the only mission in the world that the Plan of Salvation was revealed, and that the sealing power was received. I have had many opportunities to think about families being together forever in the revelation room of the Johnson Farm, and I am always amazing thinking about how well Heavenly Father knows me and you and the entire family and cares for us so much. It is funny to think that when I first got called to Ohio I was a little disappointed, because there is no better place in the world for me. The only better place I could think of would be home with the fam. Being out here when the fam is going through all this is torture! But if I want to look at it selfishly, this is a nice place to be because it is kind of distant

I want to hear how you are!
President Vellinga talked to me a little about all my grandparents passing away, and then said I should make sure to write in my journal that night and the next few days how I was thinking and feeling, because they would be special experiences

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