Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sister Mahrt's First Letter from the MTC

It feels like I have been here for years. You are always doing something around here that it is difficult remembering you used to have a life.

I have been doing really well. People keep telling me that it is natural to feel overwhelmed, nervous and scared, and that it will get better with time.  I have no idea what they are talking about. Being here has felt like the most natural thing in the world. I love the classes! For our first workshop some of the new missionaries gathered in a semi-circle and got to watch as someone acted out the role of investigator and some missionaries that have been here a while taught them. Then we would critique the missionaries and teach him/her ourselves.  So cool! It made us realize how interesting it can be to teach with other people.  Some missionaries said some things that were a bit out there, and it was hard to bring the subject back on topic while supporting your companion.

My companions are incredible. Sister G - I instantly felt a kinship with. I am not exactly sure why... but I think a lot of it is because she reminds me a lot of myself. Sister C is from the Isle of Man (an island in the middle of Scotland & Ireland) and she is hysterical!  Her British sense of humor kills me.  I love them both and feel very blessed to be learning from them already.

My district is really good. It is comprised of 7 elders going to the Salt Lake South Mission and our threesome of sisters.  Most of the elders seem very mature and we have already had neat growing experiences together.  We have an elder from Australia who was baptized when we he was 19 (he is 22 now) who has a kinship w/ sister C since they both speak with an English accent, a brother from Tonga, Denmark, Lous, and then the rest are from United States.

Teaching seems much more simple than it ever has in the past. I am glad I was able to practice teaching in my missionary prep class because the contrast is like night and day. I can feel the mantle of the missionary and it is difficult remembering what it was like to think about myself or get anxious about teaching.  I know the mission will be a challenge and it will not always seem this easy but I sure am enjoying it now.  I am so thankful for this opportunity I have to serve a mission and share this amazing message with others.  Since being set apart I feel as if I have an unending capacity to love.  It is a spectacular feeling!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sister Mahrt Speaks about Christmas in the MTC

I have been running around so much lately that I forgot for a moment that there is a world beyond the MTC. :) They keep you pretty busy, and I LOVE it!!! I have already felt like I have learned so much from my classes, companions, and even personal study.

It has been so neat here over the Christmas weekend! I honestly kept forgetting about Christmas until they changed our schedules last night for a Christmas Eve program. We sang the 12 Days of Christmas: The Missionary Edition, Jingle Bells, then got into the Christmas songs in the hymn book while they acted out the Christmas story. The spirit was so strong! That night we watched The Christmas Carol and had popcorn as an MTC, that was really fun :) Watching a movied with a gym full of 19 year old boys is a goofy experience, haha! They kept making weird comments and freaking out when anyone kissed. They would say to their companions, two more years Elder!! :) Then this morning we got to have sacrament with ELDER BEDNAR!! It was so amazing!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Missionary Training Center(MTC) Address

You can send letters to Kimber at the MTC. 

Here is the address:

Sister Kimber Dawn Mahrt
MTC Mailbox # 126
OH-CLE 0117
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Thursday, December 15, 2011

She's Off

We dropped Kimber off at the airport this morning. She should arrive at the MTC around noon today.