Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oct 1, 2012
There were so many amazing things that happened this week! But my favorite was Johnny's baptism. It was the best baptism I have been to according to 'missionary standards.' The spirit was so strong, there was strong support from the ward and the family, almost all of our investigators were there (the number of non-members almost doubled the number of members!), almost all of the missionaries from our zone were able to bring their investigators there as well. Baptisms are awesome to have people to come to because of the spirit (D&C 84:20). Sister Tok and I 'whacked' the Restoration talk (whacked is a Sister Tok word. I think it is synonomous to 'slam dunked' or 'did incredibly well'), even with Ken critiquing us in the audience (he is SO FUNNY! Just wait until you meet him!) Johnny was so ready to be baptized. He was so excited! If he would have had it his way, his invitation would have had flames bordering them, there would have been rockets going off, and a brass marching band going through the chapel! I think 'excited' is an understatement to how that kid was feeling. We were able to help the family's stress level a little, and it was neat to get so close to the family in the process. I am telling you Bowling Green is an incredible place to be. I LOVE IT!!! I can't say it enough!

Ok, I am running out of time--

The first picture is showing how we got attacked by bed bugs! The East sisters found a spare key to our apt and attacked our beds with bed bugs. Sick! 

 The pictures are showing why everyday women do not wear skirts. Especially if they like to ride bikes.

Bonnie's cat is the CRAZIEST cat you have ever met!!! The cat meows at you and wants to be picked up. When you pick him up, he hugs your neck and plays with your ears!!! It is hilarious! When even I pick him up I start laughing just thinking about it! And Bonnie is right next to me. I LOVE her!!! She is so sweet and intelligent- it blows my mind!

                            Johnny's baptism (don't we look like twins?)

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