Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oct 8, 2012

Wasn't conference great?! We watched it at Gma Pat's house. She makes sure that all of the missionaries here know they are an extension of her grandchildren, so she completely spoils us. She is so sweet! I think out of my whole mission, it is at her place this weekend that I felt like a normal person, enjoying conference at grandma's house. So fun :)

Mom and Dad, thank you for the under armor you bought me last Christmas (is that when you got it for me...?) It has been getting colder, and it has been so nice to have them during our morning runs. We are actually getting fall weather! I am in for it ;) And thank you for funding my mission!!! I should thank you more than I do- I am loving it out here and learning so much! Thank you thank you thank you!

This past week, the people we are teaching have been going on roller coaster rides- believing one day that they have found what they have been looking for, the next finding concerns, then they want to drop us, then they come back and say they received an answer, then... it just goes on and on! The tricky thing is that they are all on different roller coasters, with different needs at different times. Mom, is this what your life is like?! It is crazy! Never a dull moment, that is for sure!

We have a family that we have been seeing recently and the lessons we have had in those homes have been utterly insane. Utterly. Insane. We decided to play a game last night with the entire family, and I cannot begin to explain the drama and chaos that ensued. It was two hours of being mocked, loved, yelled at, defended, and trampled, all rolled up into one. I SERIOUSLY have a testimony of building the family on the gospel of Jesus Christ. When we go into homes that are 'crazy,' but they are rooted in the gospel, the crazy is not the same type of crazy, that is for sure. But it is fun to see how much Sister Tok and I love getting to know this family more, and love them more and more as time goes on. Heavenly Father really does love each and everyone of us. No matter how insane we are.

It is neat how conference is so inspired. I thought of the people I am teaching over and over when I listened to the talks. It is neat to be in a position to receive revelation for others. I can't get over how neat that is. I still have an unsatiable desire to read the scriptures. I have always loved reading the scriptures (or at least as far as I remember) but since I was set apart I have felt it even stronger. I thought that the feeling would subside once I got into the whole missionary thing, but it seems like the desire just keeps increasing! Personal study is some of my favorite time- you are so close to the spirit and you can feel its influence before you really start your day. And then it is over! I try to read the scriptures every spare minute I have, but it still doesn't feed the craving. The scriptures are so inspired, and they really do have answers to individual questions and challenges. It is fun to be part of others journey to discover it for themselves!

Something I have been discovering with Sister Tok. She is very good at sharing our experiences with others and telling people how she feels. I think I have naturally shied away from that sort of thing, not wanting to step on others toes or get in their way. But sharing stories about your life and sharing your opinions really does help with unity! I don't know where I got the idea that sharing opinions and stories is a burden to other people. It usually isn't! Funny that it has taken me so long to see that :) I am trying to be better at actually having an opinion and thinking of stories I want to share with others. It helps a lot.

I absolutely love talking and hearing from you!!! It was so sad yesterday when the library was closed and I didn't get a chance to hear how you all are doing, or get to tell you how things are over here. I love you all so much!!! I am so glad we are a family!

Hope all is going well- Love and miss you!

Sister Kimber Mahrt

On our way to a corn maze. Sister Tok was excited- she has been waiting so long to go to a corn maze!

Also on Sister Tok's bucket list was to go to Big Boys (for no other reason than she thought the name was cool). She finally convinced the district to go there. She was stoked!

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