Monday, October 22, 2012

Oct 22, 2012
Sliding on Cardboard
This week was crazy! Some investigators were dropped and appointments fell through, so we set our personal records for longest time tracting for both of us. It was actually pretty fun- I got to know Sister Tok on a whole new level. It was so much fun! I love her so much, and I am not looking forward to when she gets transferred the first Wednesday of November (or at least that is what we are assuming will happen). Yesterday was awesome- she locked herself in the bathroom!! She thought I was holding the door, so she was saying stuff like, "Haha, Sister Mahrt, very funny!" Then she would sing Be Still My Soul to calm herself down, then she would pound on the door and say, "Sister, we are losing hours of accountability!!" I was in the kitchen wondering what was going on, until I figured it out and sat on the couch to watch it all unfold. It was great :) Then she finally is able to get out of the bathroom, and, after accosting me, she accepts that she had done it all to herself. I run in the bedroom while laughing my head off so I can record what just happened in my journal so I don't forget. It doesn't take me long to finish, when she puts on her shoe to leave, and SCREAMS... because she finds that I had just put Waldo (the rat we hide around the apt) in the toe of her shoe. So then I had to go BACK in my room to record that incidence as well. All in all, it was an awesome day! I got a pretty good journal entry in for it at least :)

This morning we teamed up with the East sisters to go sledding down Conneaut Hill. It is the ONLY hill, or even slight elevation of ground, for MILES! We found some cardboard boxes to slide down with, and if it worked well, we were going to invite the elders in our zone over for some sledding races, but... it was an epic failure. We had to scoot ourselves down the hill inch by inch. Good ab work-out. Bad P-day activity. Good thing we tested it out first! We walked off the field around 7:55am, and these gathering of runners stood and watched us haul our soggy cardboard sleds to the car. They were probably very confused. 

It has been neat to be a missionary during Romney's campaign. Even if people don't want to change churches, many of them want to know what Romney's beliefs are so that they can make a better decision on how to vote. It also helps when they have the little Romney banners in their yard. Sister Tok LOVES those! I can barely hold her back from sprinting up to their door when she sees them! 

Love you Fam! 
Sister Mahrt

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