Wednesday, August 15, 2012

June 20, 2012

This week was so good! As a district we resolved to work harder than we ever have on our missions, and Sister Palmer and I have been up to the challenge. Thursday was the BEST! We almost had the entire day in our area, and we crammed it full of appointments. We saw so many people and were so concentrated on working that by the end of the night we were barely talking in coherent sentences and we were out by 10:00pm! It was so fun! There is nothing quite like working your tail off, and it is so fun to be blessed with people to teach and plans following through.

Sites has really picked up- there have been quite a few bus tours, so as soon as we are done with one tour there is another one waiting. Yesterday in Kirtland we did 4 tours in 4 hours (aka no breaks). It is crazy! And July crowds are supposed to double the June numbers! It is going to be insane! But so good :) And... guess who came on one of the bus tours this week? George and Betty!!!!! I was sittin' there in church, getting ready for the bishop to start up sacrament when I get a tap on the shoulder and Betty is standing there! It took me a whole 5 seconds to figure out who she was, so hopefully she didn't notice the blank/confused stare at first. Have you ever noticed how simliar Betty's eyes are to Grandma's?! They are the same color and nearly the same shape. I never noticed before. They requested that they were in my group for the tour, and it was really fun to have them be there. I had one of those ridiculous crying testimonies in the Revelation room (all your fault Dad- I was making a relation between Heavenly Father and our earthly dads, and... I cried). It was a lot of fun to see family, no matter how distant they are. They are headed to Nauvoo now, so I hope they have a good time.

On Sunday we had two little boys from Ecuador make us little frames with a picture of them because they will be moving back soon. They are the cutest! It is so fun to meet so many different people.

Biking to the Johnson Farm on Saturdays spanks us. We have been beating our times by a couple of minutes each time, but wow... I decided this last Saturday that when I bring the family out to Ohio we will bike it as a family. You will all love it! Ohio mornings in the spring are absolutely beautiful!

OK, I need to go to a picnic with a member and her less active grand daughter at Sunny Lake. I will take pictures and hopefully send them next week. Being a missionary has been really fun! At the end of this transfer I will have been out for 6 months! Can you believe it! 1/3 of the time. Being a missionary is awesome, and I wouldn't trade it for anything at this point. I LOVE it! I am learning so much! I love you all! Have a great week! Love!

Sister Kimber Mahrt

P.S. Just a thought- how do we know that we are doing what we need to be doing in our lives? That we are doing exactly what Heavenly Father wants us to do?

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