Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aug 14, 2012
I am SO sorry, I have absolutely NO TIME this week!
1) I have been tired this week because I have been up every hour these nights with Tom Cruise dreams. Yes, Tom Cruise!! How long has it been since I have even seen those movies?! I will wake up and be like 'that was weird...' and hour later, 'am I still dreaming about this...?' and hour later, "Really?!" It is so weird
2) Sister Hatch and her family came back to Ohio to visit. It was SO good to see her!!!! It is neat how you make such good friends on the mission. Doing the work together really solidifies friendships.
3) OK, so the info you have been waiting for... I am BEING TRANSFERRED!!! I can't believe it! But if that isn't enough, I am being OUT-ZONED! Which probably means that I will be too far from the Kirtland sites to be giving tours this next transfer. cRaZy! Other missionaries keep guessing that I am going to Massillon, where I would be companions with a sister missionary who doesn't have arms. That would be pretty cool.
I am SO sorry this is short, but this P-day has been insane. Love you all!
Sister Kimber Mahrt
So... we took too long and we missed Sister V's hair appt...
So I get more time to write! Whoo!
We had a training meeting a few weeks ago in Kirtland about looking good as a missionary, since we are representing the Savior. It began as a modesty lesson, then took a turn for the worst- they started talking about being fashionable. And looking cute. They said that as missionaries representing Christ we should look really classy and shouldn't be two casual. Their rule of thumb of things that were too casual were it should have ruffles, lace or a gather. I looked at my shirt. It was super plain. Great. So I have begun a little something I like to call Project Ruffles. It is my attempt at getting clothes that are cute. Every P-day with our plentiful time, whenever we drive by a clothing store, we veer into the parking lot, park, and all I have to say is 'PROJECT RUFFLES!' and Sister V is on my heels throughout the store, frantically searching for a fashionable shirt, skirt or accessory. To no avail. I think Heavenly Father has a little bit too much fun with His sense of humor. Of all the missions to send a fashion-challenged sister, He decides to send me to a visitors center. In fact, fashion-challenged is too nice of a word- I think my fashion is backwards! Whenever I get hand-me-downs from other sisters, some of the things they give me I kind of grimace and say, 'oh how cute!' but really I am plotting how fast I can get it into the donation pile without them seeing it. If I don't have an opportunity to get the clothing in the pile fast enough, another sister always finds it and says, "oh, why haven't you worn this?! It is SO CUTE!" I end up being talked into wearing it, and then guess what? Those days I get hit with compliments wherever I go! "Lookin' sharp Sister M!" "Where did you get that? It is CUTE!" "Lookin' so fresh!" What is that all about?! I am just about to go on a shopping spree to buy all the ugliest clothes I can find! I am sure Heavenly Father has been entertained.
I can't tell you how excited I have been about going out full pros. I don't even know why I am excited- it is the same work OUT of Kirtland Zone than it is IN Kirtland Zone! I love Kirtland, I love the sisters, I love the tours... but I guess I am excited for a new adventure. I had been secretly hoping that I would be out-zoned for a few weeks, because this would be the perfect time! I want to be in Kirtland for Christmas, and I want to die in Kirtland. Besides, the tours have slowed down a lot since the Hill Cumorah Pageant. I think Kari's parents are supposed to be here in Kirtland sometime in August, so I may miss them, which would be sad, but I can't WAIT to hear where I am going tomorrow! When I heard the news that I was going full pros, I started freaking out and gave my companion a hug and almost squished her to death (its alright though- she likes hugs. During one of our companionship inventories she said she wanted me to hug her more. So we set aside a five minute 'hug time' so she can get her fill. I fulfilled her need in about 2 seconds, so it was more efficient that way). Then when I went to bed that night, it felt like I had electricity going up and down my body, so I had to get up and study until I felt tired (it didn't come for awhile...) Anyway, long story short, missions are awesome, and you know you are a missionary when thinking of transfers gets you pumped ;)
Mom, Sister V says thank you for the medicine you sent with me. She has had a lot of nasal congestion, and the pills you sent have helped a lot. Remember how you were stocking me up and stuff and I kept saying, 'no, that was fine, I didn't need them?' How come whenever that happens and I end up giving in, I actually need the stuff you give me? You must be a mother or something!
OK, I really will go now. I will respond to all your emails next week- I hope my companion likes to email, because we are going to be at the library awhile so I can catch up :) I love emailing you all! You are all so fun! I LOVE the pictures, I LOVE the updates, and I LOVE. MY. STINKIN. FAMILY!
Sister Kimber Mahrt
P.S. Dad, that Kimber solo is SWEET

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