Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aug 1, 2012
Fam Fam!
This has been a really interesting week.
Whenever we see Nick his lesson always turns into a thrashing on repentance. I promise it isn't our fault- he always brings it up! No matter what lesson we prepare, he finds a way to put in that he is not ready to commit to living the Ten Commandments or get baptized. He knows the gospel better than anyone else I have taught! He even knows the blessings of repentance and being baptized, and he wants that peace, but he is digging in his heels resisting change! Human nature is so illogical sometimes.
I LOVE Hiram! I remember that whenever I get to be around the members at church. I absolutely love this area, and if I don't get transferred on August 15th, I will be in Hiram for half my mission! Can you believe it? There is only one other sister that has been in her area for 6 transfers, so we'll see if I stay. I wouldn't complain :)
Audrie committed suicide. We got a call on Saturday night at a dinner appointment from Kevinna who could barely talk because she was crying so hard. The night before we had received a text from Audrie that said, "I love you." Apparently she sent this text to a bunch of people, including Kevinna and her family, then overdosed. She died, but then the EMTs recessitated her. She is in the hospital on life support. She has kidney and liver failure, huge blood clots in her legs and an impending annorism(sp?). Her legs were swelling so badly that they had to cut them from the top of her thigh to her knee to keep it down. It was so crazy and surreal. It makes me really angry at Satan. How can he be so callous and hateful that he would convince someone that they are so worthless, and that ending their life will be a solution to their problems? She has her daughter that just turned one last week. She is the CUTEST, best natured baby I have ever seen, and it is hard to believe that Audrie found her life so difficult that she would even consider taking her life, and leave her little girl to fend for herself. I don't know how to express how sad I have been about it. Satan is awful.
Giang's daughter came to live with him for a month. She is a cutie. Vietnamese people are the sweetest. I love them!
I think I am learning why missions are such roller coasters. You can feel SO happy and elated one minute, and then turn around and feel sadder than you have ever imagined the next. I think it is because of love. The people who wrote the white handbook were definitely inspired. It is so neat to have a time in your life that you are almost completely free of any distraction. Your money is taken care of, when your windshield is cracked there are people that take care of it (not that I am speaking from experience or anything...), you don't have much time to think about yourself or what you want to do with your life. You are completely free to think about doing His will and helping others. That is it. Being set apart seems to have enhanced my ability to give and receive love because you need it for the work. It is neat! ...and also tiring when you are in the lows :) I can't imagine how Christ felt- I am sure his sorrow for those who wouldn't follow Him and, as a result, be completely happy, would be overbearing! If you are really trying to fulfill your purpose as a missionary, it is impossible to do it without love.
Deb just came in and used my computer. Did I tell you about how she dropped us? We had two lessons with her, and she came to church twice, then she said she was going to start going to a different church. We barely heard from her, then we saw her today and she said she wants to come back to church because it was the most refreshing church to be in and it had answers to her questions. Have I ever mentioned how amazing the gospel is?
Love you all so much! Enjoy the rest of the summer!
Sister Kimber Mahrt

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