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July 10, 2010
Good news!  We had two investigators come to church yesterday! Deb loves church and this is her second time, and Nick FINALLY came! He has had excuses all the time about why he can't be at church, but he came and he enjoyed it. ...even though the subject for the day was eternal marriage and he has had a lot of trouble with his ex-spouse in past years (same with Deb). ...but I think they still liked it.
Anyway, do you want to hear about transfers?!
These transfers are CRAZY! All but three companionships are being switched up... including ours! The verdict is... that I am STAYING in Hiram and Sister Palmer is being out-zoned (meaning she is leaving Kirtland)! Isn't that nuts?! We were mentally preparing for me to leave since I have been here the longest, so the news threw us off a little. We are slowly coming to terms with it, and trying to guess who our next companions will be. I think my new companion will be Sister Voievodina (don't ask me how to pronounce it; she is Ukranian) but we will see. Good thing I love Hiram! Things are starting to pick up again, so it will be fun to bring in a new sister to the area. I will miss Sister Palmer though- life is NEVER dull with her around!
For about a week we have been warning people that one of us would probably be leaving, and they have been so cute about it! Kelly, a less-active that we have been working closely with (and he is changing his life around!!) said that he was really sad, because we are two of the most influencial missionaries he has ever come in contact with. He said he used to hide whenever he saw the missionaries come to his door, but he has loved us coming around. That is so neat to hear that as a missionary! I feel like a lot of people don't recognize that we are real people and so when we get sincere compliments like that it is SO great! Rafael cried. I think these last two transfers have definitely been a challenge, but Sister Palmer and I work really well as a team because we balance each other out. We have been able to reach a lot of people.
This is a picture one of the Cleveland senior missionaries took of us after a tour. It is in the JJ Farm Revelation Room
Opps, I sent that other one too early- I wanted to tell you about my fourth of July!
There is a family in the ward- the Senders- who have taken care of the missionaries, so they made sure they invited us over for dinner for the 4th of July and for fireworks. It was so fun! The BBQ was amazing, and the fireworks were amazing!! They live in the Barrington houses, which is a gated community with HUGE houses on an enormous golf course. They have their own fireworks they shoot off on the golf course. We had the Barrington fireworks right in front of us, the Aurora fireworks on our left side and a lightning storm on our right side- it was INCREDIBLE! It was like surround sound and a show everywhere you looked. About 10 minutes into the show I felt a rain drop, and thought, "oh, I wonder if it is going to rain...?" I hadn't even finished my thought when it felt like a bucket of water got dumped on my and it didn't stop! Everyone grabbed all the chairs and ran for cover- it was the most sudden rain storm I have ever been through- I was drenched in a matter of seconds. The neat thing was that it wasn't cold outside- it was warm rain, so the Sender kids and I watched the rest of the fireworks outside before going home. When we went home, the lightning storm was still going on and there was lightning lighting the sky every few seconds! It went on for half an hour. It was the COOLEST thing I have ever seen. I am pretty sure Heavenly Father was celebrating the 4th of July as well :) This is an awesome country!
What did you all do for the fourth?

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