Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jan 29, 2013
Hi Fam,

Transfers are tomorrow! Sister Neslen and I are both staying, and so are the Hiram sisters. The only person leaving our district is Elder Lundholm. Sister Tokunaga leaves tomorrow :( We have eaten lunch and dinner with them at sites and staying at their place every chance we get so we can see her before she goes. I will really miss her.

Honestly, this has been a rough transfer. It is pretty difficult to lose yourself in the work when there is no work to lose yourself in. We just had all of our new investigators drop us last week, and even the person that has been taught for six years on and off dropped us. We have been very focused on finding. I am going to be very good at tracting by the time I leave Twinsburg :) 

The Sorensens (new Kirtland site directors) came last week. They are really neat. He talked about being a temple sealer, and having the opportunity to see beyond the veil when a couple is sealed, and see that as soon as that happens, there are angels assigned to that couple to watch over and protect them. He said there are so many angels around us to help us that we have no idea about. That was a neat idea. He also talked about a time when he was a little boy on a farm, and his dad told him to go home because a snow storm was coming. When his dad got home an hour later, his mom said that he hadn't come into the house yet. His dad was a simple, but faithful and righteous man, and when he knelt down outside to find his boy, the howling wind in his ears went silent and he was able to hear his boy's wimpers. He was able to find him, blue and almost frozen, and they were able to revive him. He told us that we should never underestimate the power of calm righteousness. 

I love you family! I hope all is going well back home! 

Sister Mahrt

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