Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jan 16, 2013
Week of Formers
Life is so good! We had a really neat lesson with a man who was baptized when he was 8, but has only stepped foot in a mormon church once in his life and has no idea what we believe. It is the craziest story! He is really neat though- he has such a strong testimony of Christ, and he has memorized the entire book of Peter! How do you go about doing that?! Impressive.
We have been tracting a lot still. I am not going to discuss it further, because that would require me to divulge how much a wimp of the cold I am, so we will just say we have met some seriously interesting people. I truly think one of the best things about a mission is how many people you get to meet! SO interesting! I love people so much. There are a ton of good people in the world. I think once you get caught up in the bad things that are happening, we forget how the majority of the people are so good.
This week has been what I dubbed as The Week of Formers. It is the coolest, yet strangest thing. We have been going about doing our little missionary business, and TWICE this week we have gotten texts from people who used to meet with the missionaries awhile ago who I have never met, that say they want to meet with us and they are ready to be baptized! I know, it almost sounds like I am making this up to make things sound exciting, but really, it has been incredible! There are so many blessings that come from diligence, and it has helped me see that He is mindful of His children and sometimes these things just take time. It is neat to be such a close part of it.
I wish you could see Sister Neslen's facial expressions- they are the best! We tracted into this home where the door was open, but the screen door was closed. Sister Neslen was standing right by the screen door when the woman came to the door. I have never seen a woman's eyes pop out as much I saw this lady's pop. Sister Neslen was slightly taken aback, and so she was staring back at her with a look that said, "Oh no, she is going to come at me any second now!" There was this prolonged moment of confused silence where Sister Neslen and her stared at each other, until I decided to break the ice by saying, "Are you OK?" Not the best door approach, but under the circumstances, I thought it was good just to get some conversation going. Long story short, she wasn't interested, but I really have come to love the awkward situations. So funny! One of my greatest fears is that I am going to be so awkward when I get back, and I won't have the senser to help me recognize that the situation is awkward. It will just be a really awkward post-missionary life where everyone feels awkward around me. Haha, watch out!
LOVE YOU Family!! Don't you forget it! And don't forget your awkward sister/daughter! :)
Sister Mahrt

Yes, I am in the Kirtland zone. I am on the most south western corner of the zone, so I am considered a 'satellite sister,' meaning that I am in my area a lot more than the other sisters who are closer to sites.

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