Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jan 23, 2013
Fam Fam!
For some reason, I have been obsessed with learning alto recently. Probably because Sister Neslen has the most beautiful alto voice I have ever heard, and I love it! When we are travelling in the car, we turn up the Indy style hymns and I have her sing the alto part loudly so I can try to follow along. I think it is working! In sacrament, I think I hit about 5 of the alto notes. The other attempted notes hit somewhere in the bass and tenor range. I really really love music. It seems that I find that out about myself, and then I forget so that I can rediscover it again. Do you think that is part of our eternal natures? That heaven has music playing constantly? The Hiram sisters and Sister Neslen said that we are probably all singing, and the tone deaf people won't make it into the celestial kingdom. Rude!

I've been reflecting a lot on my mission lately. Can you believe that this time last year (Jan 18) I came to Ohio and got my trainer? That is so weird to me. I have been thinking about the companions I have had since then (7 companions! That is relatively quite a few! I need more refinement than most) and what areas I have served in, and every time I am hit with this feeling of awe that He knows EXACTLY who I am, and He knows EXACTLY what I need. He is so much closer to us that we realize. 

The Edmans (Kirtland site directors) are leaving tomorrow :( It is amazing how close you get to them in Kirtland. Some crazy person decided to sing God Be With You Til We Meet Again to them A Capella  without warning, so lots of us didn't have on waterproof mascara. Good thing looks aren't everything. The Sorensens (isn't that funny? That is the name of our last mission president) will be here tomorrow, so we will be serving in Kirtland alongside them for the first time! I am anxious to meet them.

We have a big P-day ahead of us! We were going to go to Middlefield (Amish country) with the Jones (the senior couple I LOVE!) but it is going to be in the negatives today with windchill, so we decided to reschedule and go to Bahama Breeze instead! Sister Neslen raves about their coconut shrimp. Oh, I can't wait :)

I hope you are all doing well! I love you so much! Stay warm (I heard it has been pretty cold over there- weird) and stay safe!

Sister Mahrt


 We had to go home early from Kirtland on Monday because of a snow storm. We ate dinner with the Hiram sisters. Just ignore the open tub of cookie dough in the middle
Sister Tokunaga is leaving this transfer :( I will REALLY miss her! I love her so much

 Sister Tokunaga and the Edmans

MTC companions! We are finally all back in Kirtland! We have traded off being full-pros since we got to Ohio

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