Sunday, June 3, 2012

May 16, 2012

It was so good to see you all on skype!!! I love you all so much- I just loved looking at your cute, somewhat jerky faces (I don't know what was wrong with that computer...) I am saving those memories in my head for the next 8 months!
One thing that has been awesome through all of this is being able to communicate. I know I mentioned that Sister Palmer and I communicate well, but it really is such a blessing! There have been moments of tension and irritation, but we are always able to talk about it really soon and we are friends again, enjoying each other's company. It has been a learning experience, to say the least!
Guess what? Charly and Tom are finally reading the Book of Mormon! And they read it TOGETHER! That is so awesome- we were worried that we would have to drop them because they are not keeping their commitments. We watched The Lamb of God with them and Nick the other night, and when the movie finished it was silent for awhile, then Tom said abruptly, 'Is that really how Jesus died?!' He didn't realize He was crucified! Can you imagine going through life not knowing about the basic details of Jesus Christ's life? It would be so different.
I think I am starting to get used to people instantly sharing all their sins with the missionaries. At first I was blown away that someone would share such intimate details with a complete stranger, but now when they take us aside and start listing off all the illegal drugs they have had and how many cats they intentionally ran over, I just take it in stride :) It will be weird when people stop treating me like a therapist!
Anyway, I LOVED seeing all of you! Glad you are all doing so well, and I want to hear of any missionary experiences you have! They can be so funny! :) People crack me up 
Sister Kimber Mahrt

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