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June 6, 2012

Happy Anniversary!!! What are you doing to celebrate today?!

Guess what? I got to give Elder Jensen a tour at the John Johnson Farm. He is the vehicle coordinator for the Rochester mission, and he had to come to our area for a vehicle. Anyway, him and his wife are super sweet, and it took half the tour to make the connection that he is Elder Jensen of the seventy's brother! I love Elder Jensen's talks! He was a neat guy, and shared a story about how he would share the top bunk with Elder Jensen (of the seventy) and he would always get kicked off. But he doesn't hold it against him, since he is a general authority and all :) He is a funny guy. Plus, he knew the Winerts since he serves in their area! I love making connections on tour.

Speaking of connections, Ray, do you know a Kyle from BYU? There was a little family that came on tour- it was a husband, his wife and their little girl, and then the wife's brother was on vacation with them. From the beginning of the tour I felt like the brother looked familiar, and it was all I could do to keep from staring at him until my brain would figure out where I had seen him before. At the end of the tour we talked for awhile, and he finally said that I looked familiar. I was so glad, because I have broken down on tours before and said someone looked familiar, and it completely freaked them out, so I was happy he brought it up! He said he used to be an Exercise Science major, so maybe we took classes together...? Then he said, oh wait, I know your first name! Rachel! Haha, not quite. So maybe he knows you? I wish I knew his last name, that would probably be more of a help... Do you think you know him? He is a psychology major, taller, black hair...?

Another guy that came to the Kirtland sites really looked familiar! He had a yellow t-shirt on from the Day of Celebration (remember when we did that?) and he was tall and had dark hair. He was a cousin visiting extended family in Ohio. We couldn't figure out why he looked so familiar, so we eventually dropped it. Now that I think about it, he looked a lot like the bishop in your ward (this is awful that I can't think of his name...) Does he have a younger brother or something?! They look so alike.

I got to see Sister Lee yesterday! She is coming back to Kirtland, but she had to stay out full-pros until the sister that was detained at the MTC for sickness was able to come out and take her place. She was supposed to come yesterday around 11:00, and I was really happy about that, because I needed to leave at 2:00 for district meeting. But she didn't come and didn't come, and then it was time to leave. So I was walking out to the car, when the mission president pulled up with Sister Lee in the car! I waved when she got out, she saw me, dropped everything and ran at me. And then I did the same! It was seriously like one of those really dramatic soap operas, especially when we got to each other, hugged and started crying.
sidenote: I feel so bad for the elders in this area- surrounded by sisters :)
It was SO GOOD to see her! It was funny how happy I felt-  seeing her again made me think of all the good times. Same with Sister Hatch. I was able to have a sleep over with her in Kirtland on Monday night. We had a heart to heart, and it felt amazing to be able to talk to her again. I think it is neat that Heavenly Father can help bless us to remember the good times better than the hard times. He has definitely done that for me!

On Sunday we went to the assisted living home to see one of our investigators, Sarah Hosey. She is so cute! She made me a heart that she painted so that I can hang it up in my apt and remember her. She is really with it, and last time we were able to talk about death. The more I teach, the more I realize how it is more to do with having a discussion and listening than it is about telling people what to do. The light of Christ is so much stronger than I realized. If people are real with themselves and you ask the right questions, for the most part they can teach themselves principles of the gospel. It just makes sense. It was humbling talking about death with someone who is surrounded by it. She is a little apprehensive about it, but she was being so open about talking about it. That is another thing I am learning. I truly feel that there isn't anything two people can't do if they are both open and humble. My favorite investigators are those who are real- they don't say they will keep commitments they don't think they will keep, and they don't pretend to be feeling something they are not. They are upfront about everything, and that way we can discuss and fix things rather than mire around in muck, spin our wheels and not get anywhere. The same is true in companionships. What have we got to lose by being open and completely honest? If we feel like we are doing right and being our best, we won't feel like hiding or getting defensive. It is neat to see how much can be accomplished with that attitude.

I am learning so much. It is crazy how happy and sad you can be in one day. One night in my journal this week I listed out all the emotions I felt that day. I had gone from happy to complete despair, to excited, to...everything! I went through the entire spectrum of emotions about twice that day. No wonder I am so exhausted by the end of the day! :) I like how much I get to learn in such a short period of time.

One more story! I went to Pioneer school the other day, which is where we teach elementary school students about what the pioneers did. It isn't at the sites, it is at a historical museum that we are asked to volunteer at. The missionaries teach the kids how to make candles. We prepare the stations, help the kids dip their wicks in the wax and the water, and then help clean up. This was our second time going, and when we showed up, the lady in charge told us that she couldn't be in there with us, so we had to do the lesson about candles back in the day. I had heard her give her schpeal only once before, and it was a few weeks ago. But you know what? I wasn't even anxious. I got up there, did my best, and it was so fun! I realized that I really love teaching kids. They are so fun! I love how much they wanted to participate, their answers to my questions (Me: What kind of wax would they use to make candles? Kids: Earwax!) and afterward I just felt happy from being around them. Fun! They really lifted my spirits, and one of the girls drew a picture of me and gave it to me. So cute :)

OK, I talked too long! We are going on a bike ride today, and we are so excited about it! Love you all!

Sister Kimber Mahrt

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