Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nov. 12, 2012 - Changes
Sister Joseph is my new companion! She is really awesome. I love her already. She is diligent, obedient and so funny! She is super good at being healthy (she is like a stick!) so I am hoping she rubs off on me a little ;)
On Sunday we had a speaker who basically talked about having joy in the journey. She talked about living with no regrets, and not letting 'being busy' get in the way of priorities (like family). Her talk really hit me. I have told you that I have been thinking about my mission being a little 'mini-life,' right? Being with Sister Tokunaga solidified that idea in my mind. She is DEFINITELY not looking forward to going home any time soon! She wants to extend her mission for as long as she can, and she doesn't want to back to 'real life.' It reminds me of when people get older and reminisce about the past. And how time goes by so slowly for kids (waiting for your next birthday takes FOREVER!) I noticed that on my mission. Time is going faster :( Instead of wanting the time to slow down or speed up, how many of us take the time to enjoy the moments? Sister Joseph and I found a scripture that we both really like. It is in D&C 59 (forgot the verses, sorry!) and it talks about how Heavenly Father made the earth and the creations for us to rejoice and gladden our hearts. I think that says so much about His character! He has given us so much! When do we take time to step away from the busyness and simply enjoy life? That is something I want to do: notice and enjoy the moment.
We are planning on having two baptisms this transfer, along with Thanksgiving, and three trips to Kirtland, so it is going to be a fun!
I don't have my pictures with me :( Next time.
Love you all so much!!!
Sister Mahrt

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