Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 2, 2012

Wow, I miss you people! You are probably so sick of hearing that, but it is so true, so I am going to keep saying it!
I still like being on a mission though, so don't you even worry.
I have been learning SO MUCH this week! About faith, trust, love, instilling desire in others, perseverance, communication, the spirit, myself, hope, diligence, kind words, EVERYTHING! It feels like I just took an accelerated class on Life 101 this week. Whew! Good thing there are no finals, because I am SPENT!
I love how much you can learn by watching others. I have learned so many things from Sister Palmer, and we have only been together for 3 weeks! I learned from the training sisters, from the mission president, the site directors, my district leader, letters from friends and fam. I am so glad we are on this earth to make mistakes and learn from others!
Don't get too down when you are in trials and hardships. In fact, you should be excited. It means you have gone through tough times, but then you get to go up and be a better person through the Atonement. And that is something pretty neat! Look forward to it.
Don't tell Heavenly Father how big your problems are; warn your problems about how big God is :)
Funny story: a lady didn't lift her leg up high enough to clear the curb, so she fell right in front of my companion and I. We fussed over her and helped her up, and when she saw that we were missionaries, she said, "Hey, I have heard about you! Mormons!" We said yes, we were Mormons. She said, "Yeah, you pray to God, don't you?" We said we did, and she looked us right in the eye and said, "Well, I want you to know that I am a witch. You pray to God. Now, let me ask you, what does God backwards spell?" We were really hesitant because we had no idea where she was going with this, but we eventually responded, "Dog?" She quickly said, "Yeah, so why are you praying to a dog?!" Then sprinted off cackling before it had time to sink in.
If you want to meet some adventurous people, go on a mission.
Sorry this is so short- time is short and I must carry on.
Love you!

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