Wednesday, April 11, 2012

to Randy, me, Rachel, Megan, sparkles, Brooke

Dad, thank you SO MUCH for the GPS! I can't believe how quickly I got it- you mean business ;) I appreciate it so much- it will really alleviate some of the stress of this coming week. Being the one in charge and being lost is not fun (been there, done that :) You are awesome.

Well, it hasn't been too long since the last email :) So there isn't a whole lot to share. I think I am more used to the idea of being a trainer. I had Elder Gifford give me a priesthood blessing (he is the one that reminds me of Grandpa Mahrt). He is such an incredible man. He gave me comfort through the scriptures, and then gave me the blessing. I am so overwhelmed with Heavenly Father's love. I have really felt His love and support this week, which has been a HUGE blessing! He really does know how to succor us in our trials. And the priesthood really is the power of God here on Earth. Some of those things in the blessing directly addressed other things I had been thinking about. It is so neat!

Easter was good. We went to dinner with a family who is INSANE! It is so funny to see a family at church and then get to see them at their house. It is a totally different perspective! :) They are a neat family, and very entertaining during dinner. Haha!

You know something really weird? For the last few weeks I have been surrounded by miracles- a companion with whom I have been able to feel unified with, people who have been so kind, and investigators who are keeping their commitments and the blessings are so apparent! But what keeps playing in my mind is how one morning Sister Hatch and I went to the fitness center to work out, and we couldn't get in because they had changed the code (I think they send out the new code in an email, so we don't know when codes have been changed). But that morning there was a woman who just so happened to be coming to the fitness center at the same time as us, who knew the code and was able to help us get in. It happened in a matter of minutes, but the more I think about it, the more powerful that experience has seemed. We rarely see anyone in the morning, much less a woman who is going the same place as us and able to help us on the same day the code changed. I had been stressed that particular week and had resolved to exercise well that morning for some relief. And the more I think of that situation, the more convinced I am that it was a tender mercy of the Lord, and the more powerfully I feel His love. Isn't that amazing? It really is the small simple things that help lead us to Him. I have really been feeling that this week.

Still working on completely losing myself in the work. I probably think about it too much- I just need to let it happen. But I am so excited about it that I can't stop thinking about it! :) It is getting better though.

How is everyone doing?! Dad, I really want to hear how you dealt with the towel situation on your mission- I keep wondering how you were able to stand just one laundry day! Were you able to get some of Gpa's wood working tools? Meg said you got the Durango. Fun stuff :)

Momma, how have you been? Are you and Suzanne still partying? ;)

Ray, I didn't know that you can speak with a British accent! How did you learn that? :) I loved your insight about setting up activities- that it is more about the presentation than about what you are actually doing. So true! I love it.

Meg, you are growing up way too fast by the looks of the prom pictures, and I need you to stop that. Easy on Kelly :)

Lex, don't beat people too badly in tennis. You don't want to completely destroy their self-esteem. And you are forbidden to rub in my face how I am missing the Hunger Games movie, so don't even think about it! We have a woman in the ward who LOVES Twilight and whenever we talk to her, she always tells us how sorry she is that we can't watch it together. She is a little obsessive. Did you like the latest Twilight movie that much?

Brookie, tease Meg and Lexy for me! I know I can count on you ;)

I love you all so much!

Sister Kimber Mahrt

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