Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 28th, 2012 Letter

I get to write you one day early! Transfers are tomorrow, so we have our P-day a day early. We have 7 new sisters coming in (that is a ton!) so almost all the companionships will be training. They picked all the trainers and they had a meeting last week and everything was set. Then yesterday, Sister Lee got a call from the Zone Leaders, and guess what? She is being transferred!!! It was really unexpected, because normally you are with your trainer for two transfers. The mission president said he didn't feel good about how they first had companionships, so our companionship was split as a last minute decision. AND Sister Lee is going out of the Kirtland Zone! (full proselyting) It is crazy, and we can't wait until transfer meeting tomorrow. Sister Lee has looked through to see who our new companions might be (it is this weird system that I don't understand) but she thinks she will be put with her companion she had right before me, and I will be put with a sister who has been sick her entire mission. Her previous companion was notorious for not being focused on missionary work, and my companion hasn't been able to do a whole lot of missionary work because she never feels good (she will be getting her gall bladder out in two weeks, so we are hoping that helps her!) It will be a new experience to be the one in charge of Hiram- I don't know what I am doing! When I first heard about the transfer I felt sad I would be leaving Sister, excited for changes, regret for feeling like I did not make the most of my last transfer, calm, and overall happy to know that whatever the change was made for, it was inspired, and Sister Lee and I will be in the places we should be with the companion we should have at the time.
Speaking of regret, isn't that one of the worst feelings EVER?! It just eats at you! This last transfer I feel like I was not the best missionary I could be because I let my weaknesses and justification keep me from being everything I could be through the help of Christ. Regret is tough, but I am glad I feel it so that I can be motivated to change and become better. Always do your best so that you don't have regret!

OK, I really have to go :( I am wearing jeans right now because it is district P-day and we are going bowling. I NEVER thought I would say I feel weird wearing jeans but... there is a first time for everything, right? :) SO WEIRD!
Love you all!
Sister Kimber Mahrt

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