Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just Before Leaving the MTC

Our district left. It is so weird being here without them, and it was really sad to see them go! It is strange how attached you get to people, even only after 3 weeks. My companions had an even harder time than I did- they were downright depressed on Wednesday when they were gone. They were really awesome elders, and it is a comfort to know that they are out there helping people with their lives. The branch president kept saying how lucky they were to have sisters in their district, but I think I learned so much more from them.

We also were able to get priesthood blessings from them before they left. That was really neat. My blessing talked about how I don't need to worry at all about my family because He will be watching over them. That was a huge comfort, and it was interesting that both my setting apart blessing and this blessing mentioned that. I am so glad to know that you will be watched over while I am here- it is a tremendous comfort. It is also really amazing to see these 19 year old boys rise to the occasion to use the power of God to bless others. The power of the priesthood is incredible.

I was able to go to Salt Lake on Wednesday morning! It is still so strange to go off the MTC campus. Salt Lake was so neat though! Some sisters brought us on a tour, and it was amazing how well they brought the spirit. I am excited to be able to do the same thing over in Ohio. I am beginning to appreciate the challenge of being called to a visitors center. I used to think being in a visitors center was like getting the cush job on a mission. But in our exercises I am beginning to realize it is just a whole different challenge. We are currently working on how to talk to people and give them a personalized tour based on getting to know them for 5 minutes. It is pretty difficult! I have definitely had to rely on the spirit non-stop! Thank goodness I don't have to rely on my own resources!

Last night we gave tours to people who volunteer at the TRC. Among the volunteers was a pair of sisters playing the part of a member and her less active friend. We were talking by the Christus and I kept thinking of a scripture, but I didn't want to share it because I figured I kept thinking about it because it was just the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the Atonement. But it came my time to talk and I decided to just share it anyway. It turns out that Alma 7:11-12 (I think that was the scripture...) was the members' favorite scripture, and she bore a powerful testimony of Christ. Then the less active sister began to cry and said she had received the answer of how to help her less active friend. So neat! The spirit was so strong.

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