Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013
Last Letter!


I know there are probably a million other things I could say or mission experiences I would love to tell you about, but the only thing coming to mind right now is my testimony, and I would love to share that with you.

On my mission, I really thought that I would come home with a very expanded testimony, finding truths I had never even thought about before, or learning things I could not even comprehend before I left.
But that hasn't been my experience.
I feel like the longer I have been out, the more I have realized how plain and simple the gospel really is. I haven't learned as many new things as I had previously imagined. Instead, the things that I have always known have become deeper and more cherished as I have shared them with others. I know Christ is MY Savior. He is the Savior to each of us individually. I feel like I know Him, and He has allowed me to serve alongside Him for these last 18 months. He has helped me discover the joy of forgetting myself and being completely caught up in the service of others. He has helped me feel a glimpse of His love that He has for all His children. He has opened my eyes to everyday miracles that can slowly and gradually change people as they recognize them. He has answered impossible prayers and carried me and those I have grown to love through insurmountable trials. I have seen the blessing of eternal families. I have seen the devastation of families broken by Satan. I can't even imagine my future without these experiences, which have shaped me and helped me to grow in ways I would never have thought possible. The Book of Mormon is God's word, a way to gain a personal relationship with our Savior. This is His church. We don't have to search and be lost in the dark. We have the way to happiness, and it is up to us to simply follow it.
I love you so much family!! I am so excited to see you all and be able to wrestle you to the ground! (you better watch out!) Wrenching my heart out of Ohio (especially Kirtland) is not going to be fun, but I am glad that I will be able to be around you again.

Love you!! ...see you Thursday? (CRAZY!!!)
Sister Mahrt

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 20, 2013
Kirtland, Cleveland and Toledo Zone Conferences

Happy Birthday BROOKIE!!!! I can't believe you are ten! You cute little Dr. Seuss girl :) What are you going to do for your birthday?

There were so many miracles this week! 
1) We tracted a street on Saturday that we had originally planned for Monday. We walked up to a couple who were sitting outside, and we were talking about family history. The conversation changed when the lady started talking about things, and EVERYTHING she was saying was highlighting themes and principles from the Book of Mormon! Scriptures and stories were flashing through my head like mad. I got so excited and told her how much she was in line with the Book of Mormon, shared some scriptures with her, then started explaining the introduction. Every question she asked led straight to the next paragraph!! By the end, she was SO excited to read the Book of Mormon - I don't think I have ever met anyone that was quite as enthusiastic about learning more. The amazing thing is that she didn't even live in that home- her family had been kicked out of their home and just came to live with their son's friend's mom that day, and were planning on leaving ASAP. If we had tracted that street a DAY earlier, she wouldn't have even been there! As we drove away and past where they were sitting, we saw her reading the Book of Mormon. I felt so full of gratitude that Heavenly Father has given us scripture that addresses all the problems and concerns we may have, and brings that spirit so we can receive personal revelation. It was such a neat experience!
2) Kenia's mom has been very antagonistic to the church. Yesterday at church we were talking to Kenia and she said she had had a heart to heart with her mom, and it turns out she has been acting out in jealousy since Kenia was getting so much attention, and she wants to come to church next Sunday! Tender mercy!
3) Our hermana's got their visas :( We are happy for them, but it will be so sad to have them go! We will be in a triple-up now with Sister Ahrendsen. Four companions in one transfer! This has been way too much fun! They will be leaving today, so we are a little short on time...

Love you, my little FAM FAM!! 

Sister Mahrt

May 13, 2013

This is us weekly planning in a park on the most gorgeous day in the history of Ohio. It was BEAUTIFUL! ...even if weekly planning did get extra long. The best part of this is that I was able to get a little bit of a tan. On one arm. And only a half of my forearm (see my 3/4 sleeves). It became the new hip fashion statement in Kirtland. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

I will talk to you next week!

Here are some pictures.

My three companions and the two that live with us in the Boynton home after a hard days work at the Garden Party on top of the diminished pile of mulch!

Las hermanas y yo ogranizing the area board and book!

Apr 29, 2013

Hi Family!
This has been a neat week. I feel like there has been so much to do, and it is all just beyond my grasp of getting it all done. The neat part is that I don't feel like I am in control, but because of that I can see how much He is doing. I have had 10 minutes to prepare for trainings and lessons, and they turn out so much better than if I would have had 10 hours because He is magnifying everything that is done. It is neat what the spirit has the ability to do and accomplish.

I'm still alive. Kirtand is intact. Everything's amazing.
Love you all!

Sister Mahrt